A downloadable game for Windows

CYBUGS! is a little arcade game made for Create Jam (Fall 2017).

You control a spaceship whose engines have malfunctioned.

Luckily you have two big guns. With the power of shooting and physics you can control your ship, and turn enemies into explosions... Lots of explosions!

Xbox controller: Left and right trigger (the ones on the bottom)

Keyboard: Left and right arrows

Alt + F4 to quit.


Super Retro Graphics: Nanna Kurtzmann Eldrup

Super Retro Sounds and Music: Esben Nyboe Jacobsen

Super (Cy)Buggy Code: Mads Bang Hoffensetz

Install instructions

Note: The game jam version does not have a way to quit except for pressing Alt+ F4.


CYBUGS.zip 19 MB